Hindi Bhasha Club


Most people choose to study foreign languages because learning a certain language will benefit them in some way. While it is true that any language learning will challenge your mind and expand your horizons. Hindi is one of the most prominent language in India and other countries of the world. The number of people who speak and understand Hindi is very large.  In the last few decades, the influence and interference of Hindi has also been failed in the international market. Over haft of billion people around the globe speak Hindi making it the second most spoken language on the earth.


The aim of the Hindi school is to develop Hindi as a capable international language in all aspects. As well as to build the bridge of the extension and communication of cultural relations between India and Cambodia.


This language school is intended to encourage all residents in Phnom Penh to form an informal group for the purpose of learning Hindi as a medium of communication. Group member will be expected to meet once or twice in a month in Embassy or other appropriate place and interact in Hindi and share stories, poetry, words, alphabet etc. Quiz contest, essay competition, Hindi writing competition will be organized frequently. New ideas will be welcome.


Embassy of India Phnom Penh

No. 5o, Street 214, Sangkat Beung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Tell: (855) 23 210 912

Fax: (855) 23 213 640


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